Body Movement Training

A body movement analyst and certified personal trainer in the Greater Toronto Area, Michael Gatbonton teaches you to move well, enhancing the connection between mind and body.

If your goal is to improve the quality of your movement patterns, then we can help.

Learn to optimally organize and coordinate your body movements in all three dimensions.  While at the same time, recognizing and understanding your movement patterns to effectively activate and move all the muscles and joints in full range of motion.

Results - No Compromise, Pain Free custom programs and a more injury resistant body.

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"I cannot think of anyone I could recommend more highly as a trainer than Michael.  He is not only very professional, reliable and patient, but he is extremely conscientious.  Having suffered numerous ski accidents and undergone many orthopedic operations, I am thrilled to have found a trainer who cares more about repatterning movements and function than about pumping muscles. In the last couple of years that I have trained with Michael, I have been able to ski and play tennis with fewer incidents of back, neck and knee problems for which I'm hugely grateful!"

Melanie Munk

Meeting Client Needs & Goals

Optimal Movement’s customized and integrated programs, include custom videos and detailed written instructions to help make it easier for their clients to remember their programs so they can help themselves.

We also teach you how to manage soft tissue restrictions through hands-on and off fascia work. This approach combined with movement, reduces risks of further restrictions and injuries. Furthermore, this approach addresses the causes of pain in specific parts of the body, increases flexibility and readies clients for exercise that is not limited by pain or restricted motion.

How your unique needs and goals will be met.


“… I unequivocally recommend Michael to any person who wishes to restore and enhance their physical function and performance… He has an unerring ability to take the verbal, visual and physical information provided to him to accurately assess an individual’s strengths and restrictions. He tailors each of his training sessions to an appropriate balance between restoration of functionality and performance enhancement. Of the many individuals I have worked with over the years I place unreserved trust in Michael's professional abilities and good judgment. He has resolved my serious chronic sports injuries and avoided the repetitive injuries that so often occur in conventional training. I consider myself fortunate to have his assistance.”

Andrew Burns, Lawyer

Case Studies

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Michael Gatbonton, President, Optimal Movement Inc.

Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)

Certified in Myofascial Integration (MFI)

Certified 3-D Workout™ Instructor


Clients share their stories of success following Michael’s program to exercise for life.

"Michael was consistent, reliable, professional and pleasant to be training with. Thanks for being so motivational, Michael."

- Tracy Cooper, Homemaker



"The brain is the core of the body and movement trains the brain."  

Michael Gatbonton